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Creating Users on a Cisco Router

Having user accounts on a router makes life and logging much easier. We can assign different privilige levels to different users to restrict access to certain commands. You may want a junior admin to see a few things to help you troubleshoot but you don’t want him to be able to change anything. In the following example we are going to add 2 local user accounts, one with the default privilege level (0) and one with full privilege level (15).

Configuring Serial Interfaces on a Cisco Router

Serial interfaces are used to communicate with other local Cisco Routers or to establish a connection to the WAN through a CSU/DSU device. The required steps are almost identical to the configuration of any other interface’s with a few exceptions. When connecting two Cisco routers directly with a DCE/DTE cable, the router which has the DCE end of the cable connected to it has to be configured to dictate the clock rate. It is essential for proper communication.